“Anaya Kreations” – more eloquently known as “Design’s Beyond Boundaries” – is the brain child of “Soni Anand” which caters to exqusitive taste and superlative styles made from exceptionally high quality fabric and sewn with expert finesse by trained hands of Soni Anand. “Anaya Kreations” is a Luxury Fashion House that designes creates and markets high end fashion clothing and accessories which are trend-setting, limited in quantity and quite in-expensive to purchase Hailing from a middle class family wanted to do something new & creative. Since her early years post her graduation as a Designer it was Soni’s dream and aspiration to open her own boutique showcasing ladies apparel, hand-bags, purses, wallets, belts, shoes, for women. The brand is slowly picking up pace as a high end fashion designer to create affordable ready-to-wear clothing and Accessories line for women. “Anaya Kreations” has swiftly developed a reputation for impeccable quality and high standards of Womens Wear and Tailoring with her obsession for perfection. Anaya Kreation is a revolutionary brand that provides a platform to artists who have succumbed to modern technologies. “Koccon” It’s a high-end label showcasing Purses, Bags, Belts, Shoes, Wallets, With more weird and wonderful designs than you could ever imagine and a colour palette that covers every hue and shade possible to fulfil your every footwear fantasy and then some……. “Koccon” is renowned for its luxury goods at affordable prices. “Koccon” markets itself as an arbiter of taste and style. Orders for personalized items could also be placed under Koccon. Extravagance is an essential element, which could be spotted in every single article of Koccon. “Koccon” is a more casual line that appeals to a younger audience. KOCOON is the sub brand of Anaya Kreation ..